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I'm sure you are wondering how in the world I came up with the name Brains and Boobs for a company name!  It is an odd name, I agree, but it has what I think is an interesting, heartfelt story behind it - one that also has an important life message.  I'd like to share that story with you.

Approximately 8 years ago, a dear friend of mine, Glenyce, received the devastating news that her breast cancer, which had been in remission for several years, had not only returned but had returned with a vengeance.  The prognosis was grim. 

At that point, she and I made a pact.  We pledged that no matter what else, we would devote 1 day each week to spend together.  Sometimes we'd spend those days in the chemo lab gabbing with all the other patients while the chemo drugs slowly pulsed their way into Glenyce's veins.  Sometimes we'd go shopping or go out to lunch. On other days, when her strength was failing, we would stay in, watch 'chick flicks', and talk about everything under the sun.  We'd laugh and we'd cry; all the while she would be knitting and crocheting and I would be making earrings.

We kicked around the idea of starting a company and selling our goods but we needed a fun, catchy company name.


You will see on my flyers that there is a gray ribbon on the left and a pink ribbon on the right.  Most people know that the pink ribbon represents breast cancer, thus the "Boobs" portion of the company name honoring Glenyce.  Less known is the gray ribbon, which represents brain tumor and brain cancer.  Well, I am a brain tumor survivor and have been since 2005.  Hence, the "Brains" portion of the Brains and Boobs company name.

Sadly, in 2010, Glenyce died.  In the years since then, to honor her and to work through my own grieving process, I decided to set our dream loose and let it fly!
The subtitle tag line for my company is “Jewelry Made By and For Survivors”, because at the time, both she and I were survivors of catastrophic diseases.  Since then, however, I've come to realize that we are all survivors of some kind;  not only of disease but of abuse, divorce, mental illness, bigotry, violence, war, or whatever curves life tends to throw at us. 

At any given moment in our lives, we are all survivors.  As for me, I have found joy in celebrating my survival by creating something bright and cheerful and pretty and artful and expressive.  I wish you all may find your own joy!

Welcome to Brains and Boobs!

Shelley Lovejoy

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